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Special Needs Planning

Planning for two generations: the most important asset your child has is you.

We understand it is not simply about lifetime care, but about the quality of life for your special needs family member.

Children and adults with disabilities face an array of difficult decisions and complex laws. Our special needs planning services can support you in making smart and compassionate choices for your family as you navigate the complex territory of planning for your child’s future given the unique challenges they face.

With professional special needs planning and the help of an attorney, you can create strategies that help protect assets you have allocated for your child’s care. Done properly – this can allow your special needs child to continue receiving assistance that might not otherwise be available if an inheritance were left directly.

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Special Needs Brochure

Special Needs Primer

Children and adults with disabilities face an array of complex laws and difficult decisions. A significant portion of the population is classified as disabled. The special needs planning snapshot below begins to outline the scope and challenges these families face as well some of the specialized services that Westfield Financial Planning provides to address the family’s needs.

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